Austin Texas

Our Services and Rates


Dog Walking

Loving Pet Care's dog walking services provide your dog with the daily exercise they need while you are at work or on vacation. 

Daily exercise is essential to your canine’s happiness and good health. Our dog walking service provides regular exercise for your pet when you can't. 

Each visit includes a walk, refreshed water, and lots of love.  

Visits with your dog(s) are done by the same caregiver, creating lasting bonds with your pet and your family.

We're open 365 days a year.


Cat Care


We believe in keeping your cat at home as it helps avoid the trauma of being transported and greatly reduces exposure to kennel borne illnesses from other animals as well as the stress and noise of a kennel.

We will come to your home for 30 minutes to check on your cat(s). 

Our visits include playtime, TLC, feeding, washing pet dishes, cleaning kitty litter box, brushing, mail and newspaper retrieval, light plant watering, and home security check.

Overnight Pet Care In Your Home


Providing a familiar environment, diet, and exercise routine, along with the personalized attention provided by a Loving Pet Care sitter, makes for the happiest pets.

By choosing to keep your cat(s) and dog(s) in your home, your pet(s) will not experience the trauma often associated with the kennel, as well as the exposure to air-borne illnesses and fleas.   

Additionally, your home will have a "lived-in" appearance making it a great deterrent to crime while you're away.

Hotel Pet Care


Let us care for your pet in your pet-friendly hotel while you go out on the town! 

We will take your dog on a walk and provide companionship. 

Your pet will love the company and you can relax and know all is well and quiet  in your room!

Our rates are $37 for the 1st hour and $32 each additional hour (three-hour minimum, plus parking).




An additional $4 will be charged per regular visit;  

an additional $15 per overnight during the following holidays:

Easter   (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 

Memorial Day  (Saturday-Sunday-Monday) 

July 4th  (Thursday-Sunday)

 Labor Day  (Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday) 

Thanksgiving (Wed-Thur-Fri-Sat-Sun)   

Christmas/New Years (Dec 21-Jan 1)